Macaroni & Luigi Ink is a little stationery company based in San Francisco that specializes in super cute greeting cards featuring a horse named Macaroni and his best friend Luigi the llama. They are childhood pals whom have shared many (real and imaginary) adventures. Their world is all about traveling, fabulous dinner parties, fancy desserts, and the finer—and fun—things in life. Charming and humorous, they are true bon vivants.
Macaroni and Luigi are led by Julie Zanze who illustrates and designs the entire collection at her San Francisco studio. She believes that hand written correspondence is an important part of our culture, an art form worth preserving and a keepsake that won’t be deleted by your inbox. Julie has spent the past twenty years in the wine business but is now far too busy sailing, playing tennis, and chasing the demands of her whimsical Italian duo.